Christ Wonderful Power of Jesus Centre (CWPJC)


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            Power of Jesus Centre  

     Christ Wonderful Power of Jesus Centre (CWPJC) is a spritual project of The Kola Scholars establised to meet spritual, emotional and physical needs of Christian and political leaders. 

The objectives of CWPJC project are:

1. To reach out to spritual and political leaders to put God first in thier agenda and decision-making;

2. To teach leaders to  be responsible and accountable to the people they lead and God;

3. To support families and communities to raise Citizens with fear of God;

4. To organise forum for spritual and intellectual disucssion around issues that concern leadership and development of Africa, and

5.  To run training programmes for leaders and thier members.

        For more details on CWPJC project and sponsorship or partnership arrangement, please contact the       Project Coordinator for CWPJC: Mrs Mary Adeyemo: maryattksafrica [dot] org

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        Mrs Mary Adeyemo holds Bachelor of Science in Food Technology from the premier University of the Philippines and Master of Arts units in School Administration and Leadership. Before joining TKS, she has worked as lecturer, school administrators and Entrepreneur. She was the owner of former Mc Marge Food Manufacturing (Philippines), President of Gutenburg Training & Management Consultancy (Philippines) and has played an active role in establishing Christ Wonderful Publication (Philippines), an organ of CWPJC project that is responsible for christian literature, publication and distribution worldwide. At TKS, Mrs Adeyemo will coordinate activities and develop several initiatives to implement the objectives of CWPJC of TKS worldwide.