About Us

51 The Kola Scholars (TKS) is a non-profit organization founded by Dr Kola Adeyemo, a policy researcher; with the vision to enhance global competitiveness of Africa societies through knowledge production and spiritual care.

TKS was duly registered on August 15, 2013 with the Department of Social Development of the Republic South Africa per Registration Number 125-706NPO. It provides opportunities for diverse professionals to use their expertise to make significant contributions to humanity particularly in the continent of Africa. With the support of international leading experts, scholars, consultants and volunteers, we offered and operated various programmes and projects. Based in Pretoria, South Africa, TKS is active in Africa, Europe, and Asia

TKS Vision

The Kola Scholars shall be a pillar for Africa drawing on cooperation with leading international scholars and experts to produce knowledge relevant to African needs and use spiritual care to build true African values. 

TKS Mission

The Kola Scholars shall

  • Provide continuous support to education and spiritual development of Africa using the holistic approach;
  • Train and develop particularly disadvantaged African students to become a productive workforce in various industries contributing to national economic stability;
  • Contribute in the responsibility of meeting the needs of individuals, the community and the national market in terms of training and comprehensive research;
  • Enhance the relevance of African societies and progressive changes that contribute to more and challenging learning processes;
  • Be an integral partner in rearing African scholars, Christian leaders and organization to become spiritually, physically, psychologically, socially, morally and intellectually ready to face the challenges facing African nations.